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Undertree sprinkler with 1/2" male thread connection and 12o trajectory angle. Low angle engineering plastic sprinkler, low volume, fast rotation – for irrigation of undertree, banana, vineyards and creation of micro climatic conditions in orchards.


Available in 1/2" Male threaded Color coded nozzles for easy size identification Nozzle Bayonet connection for easy service in field conditions. Nozzles with integrated stream straightening vane for long range Engineering Plastic material for durability and corrosion resistant Pivot pin and Springs made of Stainless steel Require filtration due to smaller size of nozzles. Recommended Pressure 1.0 - 4.0 kg/cm2 or 15 -55Psi. Recommended spacing up to 10m for higher distribution uniformity. Trajectory Angle: 12o
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