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Overhead sprinkler with 1/2" BSP/NPT male threaded connection and 23o trajectory angle. Body and arm made of bronze for durability with plastic wedge drive spool. Low volume, fast rotation at low pressure for irrigation of row crops and smaller nozzles allow low flow & frost protection in vineyards and overtree.


Available in 1/2" BSP/ NPT Male threaded
Nozzle size above 3.17mm with stream straightening vane for long range.
Durable Bronze body and arm.
Heavy duty brass Nut and tube
Energy saving with plastic wedge drive spool.
Excellent water distribution at low pressure.
Pivot pin and Springs made of Stainless steel..
Recommended Pressure 1.5 - 4.0 kg/cm2 or 20 -60Psi.
Recommended spacing up to 10m for higher distribution uniformity
Trajectory Angle: 23º
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